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Frequently asked questions

What's your mission?

The mission of this website is to support a University culture of engaged and respectful collaborative relationships. Our approach is to provide practical tools that empower individuals to help address and reduce hostile, offensive and intimidating behaviors that impede academic excellence.

What is civility?

Behavior that contributes to a positive and productive environment in which to work and learn.

What does it mean to be a "good apple*"?

A "good apple" is a person who is reliable, respectful, energetic and engaged in doing their best to advance the academic excellence of the University.

Why take the good apple* pledge?

Recognize the importance of professionally appropriate behavior and how it contributes to the success of any collective enterprise.

What does awareness, prevention and early intervention mean?

It means taking care of your professional relationships. This means your boss, of course, and also your colleagues. When people enjoy working together, they are able to accomplish much more than those in a high conflict environment. So if problems arise, take action.

Whom should I contact if I have questions?

You can always contact the Student Conflict Resolution Center for academic concerns at 612.624.7272 or sos@umn.edu. For employment-related issues, call the Office for Conflict Resolution at 612.624.1030 or ocr@umn.edu. For other options see the Allies list and please visit gradvising.umn.edu for more information about creating an institutional culture of graduate student advising excellence at the University











are you a bad apple?

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Are You a Good Apple*?

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*bad apple behavior affects others negatively