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Outstanding Advising and Mentoring Awards

Outstanding Advising and Mentoring Awards group photo

James Abraham
Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology

David Baumler
Food Science and Nutrition

Jill Bowman Peterson
Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine

Sugi Ganeshananthan

Annie Hansen-Burke
Educational Psychology

Yuhong Jiang

LeAnne Johnson
Educational Psychology

Joanne Miller
Political Science

Brian Sick
Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine

Joe Soss
Humphrey School of Public Affairs

David Satin
Family Medicine and Community Health

Traci Toomey
Epidemiology and Community Health

Margeret Werry
Theatre Arts and Dance

David Wilsey
Humphrey School of Public Affairs

COGS Graduate Student Teaching Award Winners

COGS Graduate tudent Teaching Award grouph photo

Maram Falk
Master of Public Affairs cohort

Jacquelyn Kramer
Public Affairs

Adam Rao
Master of Business Administration

Carolina Anon Suarez

Amanda Wolfson

Abhishek Verma
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

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